Water Treatment in Vancouver – Clean water for our Members

water-purificationAccess to clean water is not just a necessity, but a right to every human being. There are many uses of clean water including drinking, washing, and shower. This is why we decided to provide treated water to our members, in addition to those bottled water which some people may prefer. In addition to safe drinking water, the facility’s bathrooms have treated water to give our members the best shower experience.

We have also taken into consideration energy conservation by ensuring there is no scale build up within water heaters. Remember more energy is required to heat hard water, and also the heaters’ efficiency is affected by the water hardness over time. Through our conservation principles, we take care of our members’ wallets because bottled water is generally expensive in terms of money. It is cheap to treat water using filters, and we have both the point-of-use and portable water filters. This translates to cheaper water for drinking.

Apart from water filtration systems, we have water softeners to get rid of water hardness, especially for bathroom water supply system. Of course, hard water is generally inappropriate for a shower. It makes the skin appear dry and scratchy due to soap scum. The magnesium or calcium in hard water reacts with the soap, preventing adequate foam formation. In addition, more soap is needed just for a single bath. Apart from making the skin appear rough, hard water is a big enemy to your hair because it makes it look sticky and dull.

To cater for every need of our members, we have the reverse osmosis (RO) water for drinking. We understand people have different ways to live healthy, while others may have been living with specific health disorders. The RO water is free from harmful elements such as heavy metals, and therefore quite safe for drinking. Since the water is also free from minerals such as sodium chloride, it is safest for people with diabetes, liver, and kidney problems. Credit to www.ro-system.org

Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

Free from heavy metals

Purified water either through filtration or reverse osmosis is safest for drinking. It is free from heavy metals such as lead, which are very harmful to human health if ingested. According to studies, municipal water may contain some traces of heavy metals. This is why we improved the quality of drinking water through advanced treatment systems.

Free from microorganisms

Purified water especially RO water is free from microorganisms. This makes it ideal for people with certain disorders such as cancer. Cancer treatment procedure such as chemotherapy weakens the immune system, and therefore drinking contaminated water may increase chances of falling sick.

Cryptosporidium-free water

Cryptosporidium parasite is harmful to human health because it affects the normal digestion. RO water is free from these parasites that usually cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. The municipal water is often contaminated with these organisms, and therefore increasing chances of stomach upsets. Therefore, we ensure our members are protected from such ailments through providing clean drinking water.

Salt-free water

Sodium is one of the essential minerals found in natural water, but it is absent from RO water. However, we have several systems of water treatment to ensure every member is taken care of. For those suffering from disorders such as high blood pressure and kidney problems need to control their salt intake. Therefore, our RO water remains quite beneficial to such members.

Benefits of Using Softened Water

Maintains skin texture and looks

Water softeners reduce the hardness of water by eliminating excess calcium or magnesium. These salts are responsible for scratchy and dry skin appearance once hard water is used for bathing. Taking a shower with softened water keeps your skin feeling smooth and natural.

Maintains hair texture and looks

When hard water is used to wash hair, the shampoo does not work efficiently due to the reaction between the soap and salts. This leaves the hair looking dull and sticky. However, water softeners remove those salts so that the shampoo can do its work properly. The treated water ensures the hair is kept soft and cleaner. Read more on www.softwaterlab.com

Maintains fabric

Washing clothes with hard water may reduce the lifespan of the fabrics because the salts get trapped within them. The treated water with softeners ensures the fabric is clean and free from those salts. Remember, the dingy gray on the fabric is normally caused by hard water.

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