Vancouver is Cold – We Have the Precaution

coast weatherEven though the Vancouver is located in the coastal region, the typical imagination of climate moderation is almost inapplicable. The mountainous terrain and the sea breezes make the region a place with extreme weather variations, and usually more exaggerated compared to any other coastal region in the world. Precipitation is unpredictable and complex. The rise in elevation is directly proportional to the amount of precipitation, and therefore some parts of Vancouver region receives frequent rains. Due to the low temperatures near freezing point, it becomes very difficult for meteorologists to predict snow formation too.

For travelers and visitors to Vancouver, it is crucial to know the climate is not too friendly especially to those from warmer areas. The average temperature is usually 11 degrees Celsius, with only moderate summer times in the months of July and August. The rest of the year remains cold and rainy, from October to March. However, we have a solution for you. Whether you live near Vancouver or you are a corporate traveler, we have an answer to your worries. If you are attending an event, meeting, or a conference in the city, the Bird Strike Canada is the ideal campsite facility with climate control systems in all rooms.

The efficiency of space heating is enhanced by the use of smart thermostats, which can be programmed to operate automatically based on weather changes. They can be set to heat the space or room at different times of the day, as well as heat the room whenever the occupants are present. They have sensors to detect the presence of people or movement, and heat the space up to the required temperature. Interestingly, they have a one-degree temperature differential meaning that you will never experience any noticeable temperature change before the thermostat turns the heating on or off.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Saving energy

Even though the city of Vancouver is significantly cold, saving energy must be taken into consideration. Whether you are in your home or in a campsite facility, not all rooms require heating throughout the day. You just need to heat the space that is occupied, but not the entire building. With smart thermostats, this is easily done because the devices can be operated remotely. This facilitates easy turning on and off using a computer or mobile device from any location. For instance, a corporate meeting or conference may require space heating, especially during the cold months. The smart thermostats can be programmed to heat the room or hall prior to the conference, and then turn off once the meeting is over. The energy is efficiently used because other rooms that are not in use are not heated. Fortunately, the devices can be turned off remotely in case you forgot to switch off. Read more about the best WIFI thermostats on


The ability to program smart thermostats helps in saving energy as well as providing the required temperature at the right time. The thermostat can be programmed in such a way that the space to be used will be heated ahead of time. The device is just set to switch the heating on and off depending on time, as well as weather changes. Given the unpredictable temperature changes of Vancouver, the smart thermostat will operate as part the climate changes. When space is not in use and you forgot to switch off the heating, it is easily done regardless of your current location. You just log in to your portal and switch off simply by use of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


The extreme cold temperatures of Vancouver will not be a problem. The heating control by use of a smart thermostat is quite precise when it comes to steady climate regulation. Unlike the traditional thermostats, you will never realize a noticeable change in temperature while in the room. The devices have a more advanced temperature differential feature, which ensures the occupants are always at the ideal temperature throughout. This temperature differential is usually 1 degree, meaning a drop or rise in temperature by 0.5 degrees will be detected instantly. If the temperature drops or rises by 0.5 degrees, the thermostat turns on or off the heating system.

The smart thermostats are widely used in the entire Vancouver region nowadays, and they help the users to control the climate in their homes remotely. The current climate within space/room can be monitored and then the thermostat is scheduled based on the weather changes. For travelers and outdoor fanatics, the Bird Strike Canada is the facility with improved climate control systems to avoid those unwelcoming chilly weathers.

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