Renewed Bathrooms at Bird Strike Canada

waterGiven the plenty of regular visitors we receive at Bird Strike Canada, there is a big reason to upgrade a few facilities. One of the major areas is the bathrooms, where new and modern toilets have been installed. They are the best and high-quality toilets that are up to the recommended standards. Our mission is to have the top quality services to the members, as well as draw new members through improved services. The interior design and décor of the bathrooms speak volumes, and probably will reflect who we are.

There are many types of toilets in the market today, but choosing the best model can be a challenging task. You need to do some research and compare different brands, as well as customer reviews and comments. We never rushed to any brand because we knew what we were looking for right from the start.

Therefore, here are the tips that led to best selection of our new toilet models;

Flush rating

No one will turn down a low flow toilet, bearing in mind that everyone is always intending to save money. Traditional toilets are already outdated because they tend to use a lot of water per flush. Modern toilets are WaterSense certified and use as little as 1.2 gallons of water per flush. We were very keen to ensure we choose a model that offers powerful flush but with minimal water usage per flush. The best way is searching for ‘test results for a toilet flushing performance’. This is a starting point towards getting the right toilet.

Pressure for cleaner flushing

At the Bird Strike Canada, we were looking for a toilet model that will leave the toilet bowl as clean as possible just in a single flush. However, there are gravity and pressure-assist toilets, and the choice may depend on where and how the toilet is used. For those toilets that are frequently used especially in public areas, a pressure-assist model is better to get rid of all waste in every flush. But note that, they are pricier and noisier than the gravity models. We use both models since we are always after effectiveness.

Ease of cleaning

Even though your toilets may be cleaned regularly using the best quality detergents, the ease of cleaning should be an aspect to consider when buying toilets. We usually clean the toilets more often, but we chose those one-piece models because they are less time consuming when it comes to cleaning. Though they are pricier, it is worth the cost since there are no issues of staining. The bowl and tank are not separated, hence they are heavy. However, with a good plumber to install on your behalf, the one-piece toilets are the ideal versions.

Toilet height

At Bird Strike Canada, we take care of all people regardless of physical appearances and abilities. A toilet with a bowl height of 17 or 19 inches is said to be ideal for all users. The standard bowl height is 15 inches, but those with disabilities may not use it comfortably. Based on research and opinions from experts, we have the best choices for all people. Whether you are tall, short, or with disabilities, we have taken care of everyone.

Size of the bowl

Our bathroom refurbishment was done taking into consideration the need for installing comfortable toilets. The elongated toilets bowls are more comfortable than rounded ones, and they are usually 2 inches in length. We remodeled the bathrooms to accommodate these models and ensure the doors can be opened with ease. Therefore, avoid buying elongated toilets before checking if they can fit the space formerly occupied by the standard round bowls.

Water conservation

At the Bird Strike Canada, we consider water conservation as a worthwhile factor. This is the reason as to why our bathrooms are fitted with the dual flush toilets. These use buttons to flush down wastes. For instance, liquid waste is flushed using its own 0.8gpf button while solid waste is flushed using a 1.6gpf button. These models are available in both gravity and pressure-assist models, and they help greatly in conserving water.

Lastly, your choice will probably be influenced by the price of the toilets. However, this should not be a major aspect while looking for a high-quality toilet. Basically, a low-quality model will be sold at a lower price. Go for a higher quality toilet that goes for a higher price. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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