Remodeled Kitchen and Common Areas

kitchen-sinks-and-faucets-4We cannot live without a kitchen in our homes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, or resorts. Apart from smart kitchen ideas we stumble on the internet every day, the most important aspect is the essential things required in that space. Of course, we may equip everything from fridges, wine coolers, cookers, to modern shelves and cabinets, but we must have a faucet and a disposal to make the room complete. Whether for a commercial or residential, a remodeled kitchen deserves new faucets and disposals to make the life easier and comfortable while working from there. You can see some commercial kitchen faucet ideas here.

Kitchen Faucets Options to Choose From

Single handled kitchen faucets

Single handled models use one handle to regulate temperature and water flow, making them easy and efficient to use by many people. These models have an ideal arch design that is convenient even when washing bigger dishes and pots. Interestingly, only one hole is needed in the countertop. The handle is turned up and down when controlling water flow, allowing the user to have a suitable amount of water to clean utensils. To control the temperature, you can tilt the handle side to side. Read more about the top kitchen faucets on

Double handled kitchen faucets

Many contemporary kitchens have double handled faucets as they are more sensitive when it comes to temperature and water flow regulation. This is facilitated by the availability of two cold and hot water controls. Sometimes one control may start leaking, and the user can comfortably use the other control before fixing the damaged one. The faucet comes with the handles, but there are spares for both the faucet and the handle. This means that the user will not incur huge costs of replacing the entire unit. In addition, you can as well change the style of the faucet without interfering with the handles. Even though the installation requires three holes in the countertop, these double-handled faucets are great for any kitchen remodeling work.

Hand-free kitchen faucets

As the name suggests, no handle required for controlling the temperature and water flow. Instead, a sensor is used to detect motion or contact and then a valve opens. No manual rotation of a handle is needed here. Opening and shutting are automatic, hence more precise for water conservation purposes. The sensor uses batteries, which should be replaced once they dry out. However, the batteries can serve for a relatively longer time before replacement is needed.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal and How to Use It Appropriately

There are many types of garbage disposals in the market, and the new models are capable of grinding even soft bones and fruit peels. A garbage disposal is a useful tool to help you manage food wastes without carrying them to the garbage pit regularly. Also, it eliminates the issue of storing food wastes in a bin where flies and cockroaches may breed and encroach into the kitchen shelves. Despite the type of garbage disposal you buy, there are best practices to keep your unit functional for a longer time.

Therefore, the following are the ways to use your garbage disposal properly and increase its lifespan. Read more on best garbage disposals on

Run the appliance regularly

It does not need to be used only when grinding wastes. If no waste to grind, pour some water to flush out the little waste that could have been left previously. This will not only get rid of the awful smell from the appliance but also keeps the moving parts in good condition.

Rinse using cold water always

Always rinse the appliance with cold water. Do NOT use hot water. Cold water keeps the waste hardened unlike hot water, and therefore the blades can easily cut the materials. Hot water softens the waste, thus blades cannot chop them well. These can clog the system.

Cut the solids into smaller pieces before putting into the disposal

Food waste such as fruit peels should be reduced into smaller sizes before putting into the disposal. This will prevent jams within the blades. Also, don’t put hard things such as beef bones because they will damage the blades. However, some appliances may grind soft bones such as chicken and fish.

Use lemon or citrus water to clean

disposalEven though cold water is used to flush down the waste, little materials may be left behind. When they accumulate over time, a bad smell may start coming out of the disposal. Therefore, pouring some lemon water or citrus and flush out may help get rid of the bad odor.

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