New Shower Facilities – Bird Strike Canada

showerTaking a relaxing shower can help you refresh your body and prepare for the next activity. Whether you are a corporate traveler or a visitor, shower facilities are very important to kick-start your day while feeling rejuvenated. For those members that attend the regular bird strike conferences in Vancouver, your comfort at the campsite has been elevated with new shower facilities. To cater for all members, different types of showerheads have been fitted in various bathrooms. This is to improve shower experience and provide the members with the ultimate satisfaction they deserve. These showerheads have been selected from the quality and top selling brands in the world, and they come with a wide variety of benefits including enhanced class and style.

The single spray showerhead has not been left behind despite the fact that it is one of the basic models in the market. Since many people have used these options, the Bird Strike Canada decided to include a few single spray models to cater for those individuals that do not enjoy sophisticated facilities. Interestingly, the new versions have been fitted with an adjustable nozzle to regulate spray patterns based on what you want. They are perfect because the user can customize the shower according to the water spray he or she needs. For those that have been using these models in their homes, you will feel right at home because there is no disruptive change as far as shower experience is concerned. Read more for best shower heads and bathroom fixtures on

In Vancouver, many people have been adopting modern and improved showerheads. For instance, the use of rain showerheads has been increasing among many homes and that is why the Bird Strike Canada has also incorporated these showerheads in its bathrooms. The models have the ability to splash a uniform amount of water spray over a larger surface area, making it perfect for everyone out there. As the name suggests, the water spray is just similar to that of rain that gives a more relaxing bath without unwelcoming water hit pressure on the body. These showerheads are not only fitted to offer a relaxing shower, but also to improve the visual impression of the entire bathroom. In other words, it makes a bathroom appear more stylish.

Our body sizes and heights are different, and this means we may need different kinds of showerheads. In addition, there are those people with back problems and probably they may not want to bend while taking a shower. Therefore, we included some few handheld showerheads to offer these individuals a final solution. The user can detach it from the wall and rinse those hard-to-reach areas without any need to move around or bend. Another advantage with the facility’s bathroom is that there are seated showers, and the handheld showerhead offers a perfect shower experience because you will rinse your body without turning about.

An ideal club or social facility with reliable shower facilities is likely to draw more and more members. For instance, a bird strike conference may take days and the members should not be subjected to harsh moments when it comes to bathroom affairs. The dual showerheads are generally designed for improved shower experience, and they come in two different options – attached showerhead and separated showerheads. For comfort and reliability, having both models with all features is an added advantage to the users. Some of the models have a single lever to control water flow, while others have a diverter valve to regulate the flow of water through a single showerhead. The essence is to offer maximum shower satisfaction to users, even though the showerheads may use a single spray or dual rain showerhead system.

shower 2Satisfaction matters. We are different when it comes to choosing showerheads. Some will prefer a single spray, dual rain models, or ceiling showerheads. The latter is installed on the ceiling so that water can drop directly in the form of rain. These types of showerheads can spread water spray over a large surface area, but ensuring very little water is splashed on the bathroom sides. These are ideal for a fast shower when you feel tired especially after a long hour meeting. In addition, it makes a bathroom look more stylish and modern. Therefore, the users can feel the sense of class and complexity.

At Bird Strike Canada, we considered the aspect of height. Of course, all bathrooms cannot be designed for specific individuals with certain heights. This is why we have the sliding bar showerheads. These are installed on an elastic bar which is then mounted onto the wall of the bathroom. A user will adjust the bar height based on his or her height.

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