Our Local Bar and Winery

wineNo one will turn down a tasty wine. The most famous California wine with the best grapes produced in the highlands offers a mouth-watering flavor and aroma. Our local bar and winery is the perfect place for our members to relax and enjoy a bottle of red or white wine. We have every kind of wine, which can be matched with Italian sausages sautéed with onions and green peppers.

We don’t do things in an ordinary manner. We are different based on wine storage approaches. The technique of keeping wine is an essential trick everyone should know. Actually, we have made it. Right from the choice of wine types to wine coolers, we did our best.

Here are the tips that helped us achieve the ultimate wine storage tactics.

Wine bottle capacity

Bottle capacity is one of the most vital storage features we considered while buying our wine coolers. Our units are designed to store several wine bottles ranging from 6 to 260 and even more. Considering an appliance with adequate capacity is always the best option. We understand the need to have wine coolers that allow for more storage in future. Our wine collection fluctuates time to time depending on the number of members attending the facility at different times of the year. Therefore, our units have the capacity to hold as many bottles as possible. This implies that there is no any given time you will lack your favorite bottle of wine.

Wine coolers ‘racking options

Our wine refrigerators have varieties of racking options and styles including chrome plated shelves, built-in plastic wine racks, interchangeable chrome wine racks, and flat wire shelving units. These different racking styles are designed purposely to lay the wine bottles securely. The racking style ensures that the bottles lay on their sides in contact with the cork for appropriate aging and preservation. Chrome plated racks offer convenience by providing ample opportunity to view your beer and wine storage, add more bottles, and easily access the bottles.

On the other hand, built-in racks allow more bottle storage in a relatively smaller unit since you can stack bottles on top of each other. This becomes useful for the larger wine bottles that cannot fit in the pullout racks. Therefore, our wine coolers have been wisely selected to offer the best rack options required in our local bar and winery joint.

The internal lighting of wine coolers

Wines are highly sensitive to natural light. In other words, wines can be damaged by any light that contains UV rays. Internal lighting should not be from incandescent sources since they can also heat up the bottles causing damage. LED light found in most wine coolers is always recommended. LED light not only prevents damage to the wine but also illuminates the bottles for easy selection. It enables us to read beer and wine bottle labels and pick what you need. We understand the recommended internal lighting for wine refrigerators. It helps in eliminating dangers associated with temperature increase within the cooler.

Temperature storage

Temperature zones are two types in varieties of wine refrigerators; single temperature zone and dual temperature zone. Single temperature zone refrigerators keep the entire unit with a constant temperature, usually between 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is suitable for the type of wine or beer stored since it will not age prematurely or get undersized during maturation. However, different beers and wines are stored and served at different temperatures.

Dual temperature zone refrigerators enhance storage of different types of wines. This is because these coolers come with independent and equipped compartments with manual temperature control features. We have other units with shelves designed and specifically placed on either colder region or warmer region. The colder region may be towards the bottom while warmer region towards the top. Therefore, these enable us to store different wines at their specific storage temperatures. That is why we have wine coolers with both dual and single temperature zones to cater for all wine lovers. Find more about the best wine coolers on winecoolerlab.com

We are always dedicated to giving the best of what our members deserve. Since wine lovers are many, we have the top best types of wines in our local bar and winery. The joint has other classy facilities such as modern toilets for our esteemed members to enjoy their moments of fun.

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