Water Treatment in Vancouver – Clean water for our Members

water-purificationAccess to clean water is not just a necessity, but a right to every human being. There are many uses of clean water including drinking, washing, and shower. This is why we decided to provide treated water to our members, in addition to those bottled water which some people may prefer. In addition to safe drinking water, the facility’s bathrooms have treated water to give our members the best shower experience.

We have also taken into consideration energy conservation by ensuring there is no scale build up within water heaters. Remember more energy is required to heat hard water, and also the heaters’ efficiency is affected by the water hardness over time. Through our conservation principles, we take care of our members’ wallets because bottled water is generally expensive in terms of money. It is cheap to treat water using filters, and we have both the point-of-use and portable water filters. This translates to cheaper water for drinking.

Apart from water filtration systems, we have water softeners to get rid of water hardness, especially for bathroom water supply system. Of course, hard water is generally inappropriate for a shower. It makes the skin appear dry and scratchy due to soap scum. The magnesium or calcium in hard water reacts with the soap, preventing adequate foam formation. In addition, more soap is needed just for a single bath. Apart from making the skin appear rough, hard water is a big enemy to your hair because it makes it look sticky and dull.

To cater for every need of our members, we have the reverse osmosis (RO) water for drinking. We understand people have different ways to live healthy, while others may have been living with specific health disorders. The RO water is free from harmful elements such as heavy metals, and therefore quite safe for drinking. Since the water is also free from minerals such as sodium chloride, it is safest for people with diabetes, liver, and kidney problems. Credit to www.ro-system.org

Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

Free from heavy metals

Purified water either through filtration or reverse osmosis is safest for drinking. It is free from heavy metals such as lead, which are very harmful to human health if ingested. According to studies, municipal water may contain some traces of heavy metals. This is why we improved the quality of drinking water through advanced treatment systems.

Free from microorganisms

Purified water especially RO water is free from microorganisms. This makes it ideal for people with certain disorders such as cancer. Cancer treatment procedure such as chemotherapy weakens the immune system, and therefore drinking contaminated water may increase chances of falling sick.

Cryptosporidium-free water

Cryptosporidium parasite is harmful to human health because it affects the normal digestion. RO water is free from these parasites that usually cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. The municipal water is often contaminated with these organisms, and therefore increasing chances of stomach upsets. Therefore, we ensure our members are protected from such ailments through providing clean drinking water.

Salt-free water

Sodium is one of the essential minerals found in natural water, but it is absent from RO water. However, we have several systems of water treatment to ensure every member is taken care of. For those suffering from disorders such as high blood pressure and kidney problems need to control their salt intake. Therefore, our RO water remains quite beneficial to such members.

Benefits of Using Softened Water

Maintains skin texture and looks

Water softeners reduce the hardness of water by eliminating excess calcium or magnesium. These salts are responsible for scratchy and dry skin appearance once hard water is used for bathing. Taking a shower with softened water keeps your skin feeling smooth and natural.

Maintains hair texture and looks

When hard water is used to wash hair, the shampoo does not work efficiently due to the reaction between the soap and salts. This leaves the hair looking dull and sticky. However, water softeners remove those salts so that the shampoo can do its work properly. The treated water ensures the hair is kept soft and cleaner. Read more on www.softwaterlab.com

Maintains fabric

Washing clothes with hard water may reduce the lifespan of the fabrics because the salts get trapped within them. The treated water with softeners ensures the fabric is clean and free from those salts. Remember, the dingy gray on the fabric is normally caused by hard water.

Renewed Bathrooms at Bird Strike Canada

waterGiven the plenty of regular visitors we receive at Bird Strike Canada, there is a big reason to upgrade a few facilities. One of the major areas is the bathrooms, where new and modern toilets have been installed. They are the best and high-quality toilets that are up to the recommended standards. Our mission is to have the top quality services to the members, as well as draw new members through improved services. The interior design and décor of the bathrooms speak volumes, and probably will reflect who we are.

There are many types of toilets in the market today, but choosing the best model can be a challenging task. You need to do some research and compare different brands, as well as customer reviews and comments. We never rushed to any brand because we knew what we were looking for right from the start.

Therefore, here are the tips that led to best selection of our new toilet models;

Flush rating

No one will turn down a low flow toilet, bearing in mind that everyone is always intending to save money. Traditional toilets are already outdated because they tend to use a lot of water per flush. Modern toilets are WaterSense certified and use as little as 1.2 gallons of water per flush. We were very keen to ensure we choose a model that offers powerful flush but with minimal water usage per flush. The best way is searching for ‘test results for a toilet flushing performance’. This is a starting point towards getting the right toilet.

Pressure for cleaner flushing

At the Bird Strike Canada, we were looking for a toilet model that will leave the toilet bowl as clean as possible just in a single flush. However, there are gravity and pressure-assist toilets, and the choice may depend on where and how the toilet is used. For those toilets that are frequently used especially in public areas, a pressure-assist model is better to get rid of all waste in every flush. But note that, they are pricier and noisier than the gravity models. We use both models since we are always after effectiveness.

Ease of cleaning

Even though your toilets may be cleaned regularly using the best quality detergents, the ease of cleaning should be an aspect to consider when buying toilets. We usually clean the toilets more often, but we chose those one-piece models because they are less time consuming when it comes to cleaning. Though they are pricier, it is worth the cost since there are no issues of staining. The bowl and tank are not separated, hence they are heavy. However, with a good plumber to install on your behalf, the one-piece toilets are the ideal versions.

Toilet height

At Bird Strike Canada, we take care of all people regardless of physical appearances and abilities. A toilet with a bowl height of 17 or 19 inches is said to be ideal for all users. The standard bowl height is 15 inches, but those with disabilities may not use it comfortably. Based on research and opinions from experts, we have the best choices for all people. Whether you are tall, short, or with disabilities, we have taken care of everyone.

Size of the bowl

Our bathroom refurbishment was done taking into consideration the need for installing comfortable toilets. The elongated toilets bowls are more comfortable than rounded ones, and they are usually 2 inches in length. We remodeled the bathrooms to accommodate these models and ensure the doors can be opened with ease. Therefore, avoid buying elongated toilets before checking if they can fit the space formerly occupied by the standard round bowls.

Water conservation

At the Bird Strike Canada, we consider water conservation as a worthwhile factor. This is the reason as to why our bathrooms are fitted with the dual flush toilets. These use buttons to flush down wastes. For instance, liquid waste is flushed using its own 0.8gpf button while solid waste is flushed using a 1.6gpf button. These models are available in both gravity and pressure-assist models, and they help greatly in conserving water.

Lastly, your choice will probably be influenced by the price of the toilets. However, this should not be a major aspect while looking for a high-quality toilet. Basically, a low-quality model will be sold at a lower price. Go for a higher quality toilet that goes for a higher price. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Vancouver is Cold – We Have the Precaution

coast weatherEven though the Vancouver is located in the coastal region, the typical imagination of climate moderation is almost inapplicable. The mountainous terrain and the sea breezes make the region a place with extreme weather variations, and usually more exaggerated compared to any other coastal region in the world. Precipitation is unpredictable and complex. The rise in elevation is directly proportional to the amount of precipitation, and therefore some parts of Vancouver region receives frequent rains. Due to the low temperatures near freezing point, it becomes very difficult for meteorologists to predict snow formation too.

For travelers and visitors to Vancouver, it is crucial to know the climate is not too friendly especially to those from warmer areas. The average temperature is usually 11 degrees Celsius, with only moderate summer times in the months of July and August. The rest of the year remains cold and rainy, from October to March. However, we have a solution for you. Whether you live near Vancouver or you are a corporate traveler, we have an answer to your worries. If you are attending an event, meeting, or a conference in the city, the Bird Strike Canada is the ideal campsite facility with climate control systems in all rooms.

The efficiency of space heating is enhanced by the use of smart thermostats, which can be programmed to operate automatically based on weather changes. They can be set to heat the space or room at different times of the day, as well as heat the room whenever the occupants are present. They have sensors to detect the presence of people or movement, and heat the space up to the required temperature. Interestingly, they have a one-degree temperature differential meaning that you will never experience any noticeable temperature change before the thermostat turns the heating on or off.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Saving energy

Even though the city of Vancouver is significantly cold, saving energy must be taken into consideration. Whether you are in your home or in a campsite facility, not all rooms require heating throughout the day. You just need to heat the space that is occupied, but not the entire building. With smart thermostats, this is easily done because the devices can be operated remotely. This facilitates easy turning on and off using a computer or mobile device from any location. For instance, a corporate meeting or conference may require space heating, especially during the cold months. The smart thermostats can be programmed to heat the room or hall prior to the conference, and then turn off once the meeting is over. The energy is efficiently used because other rooms that are not in use are not heated. Fortunately, the devices can be turned off remotely in case you forgot to switch off. Read more about the best WIFI thermostats on www.smarthermo.com


The ability to program smart thermostats helps in saving energy as well as providing the required temperature at the right time. The thermostat can be programmed in such a way that the space to be used will be heated ahead of time. The device is just set to switch the heating on and off depending on time, as well as weather changes. Given the unpredictable temperature changes of Vancouver, the smart thermostat will operate as part the climate changes. When space is not in use and you forgot to switch off the heating, it is easily done regardless of your current location. You just log in to your portal and switch off simply by use of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


The extreme cold temperatures of Vancouver will not be a problem. The heating control by use of a smart thermostat is quite precise when it comes to steady climate regulation. Unlike the traditional thermostats, you will never realize a noticeable change in temperature while in the room. The devices have a more advanced temperature differential feature, which ensures the occupants are always at the ideal temperature throughout. This temperature differential is usually 1 degree, meaning a drop or rise in temperature by 0.5 degrees will be detected instantly. If the temperature drops or rises by 0.5 degrees, the thermostat turns on or off the heating system.

The smart thermostats are widely used in the entire Vancouver region nowadays, and they help the users to control the climate in their homes remotely. The current climate within space/room can be monitored and then the thermostat is scheduled based on the weather changes. For travelers and outdoor fanatics, the Bird Strike Canada is the facility with improved climate control systems to avoid those unwelcoming chilly weathers.

Remodeled Kitchen and Common Areas

kitchen-sinks-and-faucets-4We cannot live without a kitchen in our homes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, or resorts. Apart from smart kitchen ideas we stumble on the internet every day, the most important aspect is the essential things required in that space. Of course, we may equip everything from fridges, wine coolers, cookers, to modern shelves and cabinets, but we must have a faucet and a disposal to make the room complete. Whether for a commercial or residential, a remodeled kitchen deserves new faucets and disposals to make the life easier and comfortable while working from there. You can see some commercial kitchen faucet ideas here.

Kitchen Faucets Options to Choose From

Single handled kitchen faucets

Single handled models use one handle to regulate temperature and water flow, making them easy and efficient to use by many people. These models have an ideal arch design that is convenient even when washing bigger dishes and pots. Interestingly, only one hole is needed in the countertop. The handle is turned up and down when controlling water flow, allowing the user to have a suitable amount of water to clean utensils. To control the temperature, you can tilt the handle side to side. Read more about the top kitchen faucets on www.faucetmag.com

Double handled kitchen faucets

Many contemporary kitchens have double handled faucets as they are more sensitive when it comes to temperature and water flow regulation. This is facilitated by the availability of two cold and hot water controls. Sometimes one control may start leaking, and the user can comfortably use the other control before fixing the damaged one. The faucet comes with the handles, but there are spares for both the faucet and the handle. This means that the user will not incur huge costs of replacing the entire unit. In addition, you can as well change the style of the faucet without interfering with the handles. Even though the installation requires three holes in the countertop, these double-handled faucets are great for any kitchen remodeling work.

Hand-free kitchen faucets

As the name suggests, no handle required for controlling the temperature and water flow. Instead, a sensor is used to detect motion or contact and then a valve opens. No manual rotation of a handle is needed here. Opening and shutting are automatic, hence more precise for water conservation purposes. The sensor uses batteries, which should be replaced once they dry out. However, the batteries can serve for a relatively longer time before replacement is needed.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal and How to Use It Appropriately

There are many types of garbage disposals in the market, and the new models are capable of grinding even soft bones and fruit peels. A garbage disposal is a useful tool to help you manage food wastes without carrying them to the garbage pit regularly. Also, it eliminates the issue of storing food wastes in a bin where flies and cockroaches may breed and encroach into the kitchen shelves. Despite the type of garbage disposal you buy, there are best practices to keep your unit functional for a longer time.

Therefore, the following are the ways to use your garbage disposal properly and increase its lifespan. Read more on best garbage disposals on www.disposalmag.com

Run the appliance regularly

It does not need to be used only when grinding wastes. If no waste to grind, pour some water to flush out the little waste that could have been left previously. This will not only get rid of the awful smell from the appliance but also keeps the moving parts in good condition.

Rinse using cold water always

Always rinse the appliance with cold water. Do NOT use hot water. Cold water keeps the waste hardened unlike hot water, and therefore the blades can easily cut the materials. Hot water softens the waste, thus blades cannot chop them well. These can clog the system.

Cut the solids into smaller pieces before putting into the disposal

Food waste such as fruit peels should be reduced into smaller sizes before putting into the disposal. This will prevent jams within the blades. Also, don’t put hard things such as beef bones because they will damage the blades. However, some appliances may grind soft bones such as chicken and fish.

Use lemon or citrus water to clean

disposalEven though cold water is used to flush down the waste, little materials may be left behind. When they accumulate over time, a bad smell may start coming out of the disposal. Therefore, pouring some lemon water or citrus and flush out may help get rid of the bad odor.

New Shower Facilities – Bird Strike Canada

showerTaking a relaxing shower can help you refresh your body and prepare for the next activity. Whether you are a corporate traveler or a visitor, shower facilities are very important to kick-start your day while feeling rejuvenated. For those members that attend the regular bird strike conferences in Vancouver, your comfort at the campsite has been elevated with new shower facilities. To cater for all members, different types of showerheads have been fitted in various bathrooms. This is to improve shower experience and provide the members with the ultimate satisfaction they deserve. These showerheads have been selected from the quality and top selling brands in the world, and they come with a wide variety of benefits including enhanced class and style.

The single spray showerhead has not been left behind despite the fact that it is one of the basic models in the market. Since many people have used these options, the Bird Strike Canada decided to include a few single spray models to cater for those individuals that do not enjoy sophisticated facilities. Interestingly, the new versions have been fitted with an adjustable nozzle to regulate spray patterns based on what you want. They are perfect because the user can customize the shower according to the water spray he or she needs. For those that have been using these models in their homes, you will feel right at home because there is no disruptive change as far as shower experience is concerned. Read more for best shower heads and bathroom fixtures on www.finestshower.com

In Vancouver, many people have been adopting modern and improved showerheads. For instance, the use of rain showerheads has been increasing among many homes and that is why the Bird Strike Canada has also incorporated these showerheads in its bathrooms. The models have the ability to splash a uniform amount of water spray over a larger surface area, making it perfect for everyone out there. As the name suggests, the water spray is just similar to that of rain that gives a more relaxing bath without unwelcoming water hit pressure on the body. These showerheads are not only fitted to offer a relaxing shower, but also to improve the visual impression of the entire bathroom. In other words, it makes a bathroom appear more stylish.

Our body sizes and heights are different, and this means we may need different kinds of showerheads. In addition, there are those people with back problems and probably they may not want to bend while taking a shower. Therefore, we included some few handheld showerheads to offer these individuals a final solution. The user can detach it from the wall and rinse those hard-to-reach areas without any need to move around or bend. Another advantage with the facility’s bathroom is that there are seated showers, and the handheld showerhead offers a perfect shower experience because you will rinse your body without turning about.

An ideal club or social facility with reliable shower facilities is likely to draw more and more members. For instance, a bird strike conference may take days and the members should not be subjected to harsh moments when it comes to bathroom affairs. The dual showerheads are generally designed for improved shower experience, and they come in two different options – attached showerhead and separated showerheads. For comfort and reliability, having both models with all features is an added advantage to the users. Some of the models have a single lever to control water flow, while others have a diverter valve to regulate the flow of water through a single showerhead. The essence is to offer maximum shower satisfaction to users, even though the showerheads may use a single spray or dual rain showerhead system.

shower 2Satisfaction matters. We are different when it comes to choosing showerheads. Some will prefer a single spray, dual rain models, or ceiling showerheads. The latter is installed on the ceiling so that water can drop directly in the form of rain. These types of showerheads can spread water spray over a large surface area, but ensuring very little water is splashed on the bathroom sides. These are ideal for a fast shower when you feel tired especially after a long hour meeting. In addition, it makes a bathroom look more stylish and modern. Therefore, the users can feel the sense of class and complexity.

At Bird Strike Canada, we considered the aspect of height. Of course, all bathrooms cannot be designed for specific individuals with certain heights. This is why we have the sliding bar showerheads. These are installed on an elastic bar which is then mounted onto the wall of the bathroom. A user will adjust the bar height based on his or her height.