Bird Strike Canada – Remodeled Facilities

happy_membersA self-sustaining club or social facility must be environmentally responsible and financially established. This is the reason as to why Bird Strike Canada in Vancouver, Canada decided to take the next step to improve its space and equipment. From outdoor to interior amenities including patios, pavements, bathrooms, toilets, and air conditioning, they have made the best remodeling work for the members to enjoy their stay. It is not only refurbishing the entire area with new fixtures but also installing materials with the right quality principles. Apart from making it a suitable place for events, meetings, and conferences within the city, the recent improvements have given the facility international exposure.

Some of the main targeted events are the bird strike conferences plus workshops, and now there is a real reflection of the facility’s ability to accommodate all its members. The outside space has ample room for the corporate members to relax after a meeting, with the outdoor patios designed to offer a classy and stylish surroundings. While enjoying the breeze of Vancouver outside the buildings, space is ideal for those that may want to continue seeping some wine or other hot beverages while sitting on the custom outdoor chairs and tables. For those that are interested in other kinds of outdoor activities can find fun at the swimming pool or golf field among other pleasurable amenities.

Getting to the interior of the premise, there are mini bars stocked with all types of liquors. This is complemented by the modern-designed washrooms with the best fixtures and equipment. The toilets are among the world’s top best with improved flushing technology to enhance user experience. Every bathroom is spacious and fitted with the finest showerheads, but you may also find different types of showerheads. In other words, the facility’s aim is to satisfy its members by fitting every taste for different individual’s preference.

Apart from the new facilities, conservation has been taken care of through installing WaterSense certified toilets. These water efficient toilets are essential because they limit wastage of water, and most of them have a rate of 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Part of the Remodeling Work at the Facility

Even though the remodeling work is enormous, we have a few areas where many people may want to know. It is not all about the newly designed walls and comfortable seating. The members may still want to know the other areas such as toilets and bathrooms, bearing in mind that these are highly sensitive places in every facility. No one would like to spend time in an unpleasant washroom! However, at Bird Strike Canada the facility has gone beyond your expectations with their selective remodeling ideas.

The washrooms are characterized by the modern toilets, bathrooms, sink faucets, wall tiles, lighting, and the showerheads. No one will let down a relaxing shower, and this is offered by the roomy bathrooms plus the new showerheads. The essence of this vast bathroom upgrading was to provide a similar home bathing experience. Corporate members deserve the highest satisfaction while at the facility, and therefore these modernized bathrooms are much welcoming and rewarding.

The refurbishment does not end there. The tiles are installed right from the floor up to the walls. Interestingly, the painting is a non-issue because the bathroom lighting is sufficient and matches with the entire space. The sinks are stainless steel plus the stainless steel faucets. These faucets offer adequate washing space around the countertops, while the water flow and temperature controls are single levers making them suitable for all users.

The toilets are wisely selected from the top best toilet brands in the world. This is to ensure durability and efficiency, as well as comfort to the users. No straining to flush down the waste, whether solid or liquid. Just a single flush is enough to push down all waste and leaves the toilet bowl as clean as a brand new. In addition, every user is taken care of. Whether tall or short, the height of the toilets is universal to offer the best experience to every user.

Due to the use of designer toilets and showerheads among other fixtures, the facility now speaks on its own. Everyone can appreciate the remodeling work, and probably the members will have the best moments while undertaking their events there.

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